Earth Day 2021!

Earth Day is about celebrating this amazing planet we all live on!

Here at SWFL Marketing Group, we have a great selection of eco-friendly, promotional products to customize with your logo and deliver a positive message to your audience. 

As our oceans and earth continue to become more and more polluted, we want to encourage our customers to buy products that support and protect our earth.

We have options that are made of recycled cardboard, bamboo, and other materials that easily break down like these shown here.   


This eco-conscious flying disc is biodegradable, recyclable, and free of BPA & lead. It is perfect for promoting environmental awareness and green companies! This flying disc measures 9 1/4″ and makes an ideal advertising gift. Recipients will enjoy gaining exposure for your name as they play in public areas. Simply customize it and watch your brand fly!


Our Freedom Bottle is your next hydration sidekick! This 25 oz. bottle is eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, and free of BPA & lead. This comes in a variety of trendy colors and is great for taking to the gym or school or sipping on throughout the workday. It can be customized by adding a health center, company, organization logo, slogan, message, or marketing design. Sip on your favorite beverage with this trendy water bottle!


Looking for a way to spice up your water? Stay fresh and hydrated all day long with our incredible Freedom Bottle with an infuser! This infuser is just what you need to add extra flavor to your water. Add berries or citrus to your drinks and begin to feel refreshed with this 25 oz. Freedom Bottle. It is made with eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable materials that is BPA and lead free. There are multiple bright colors to select for displaying your company, health center, team, school name, logo, or slogan. Sip away while promoting your brand with this awesome Freedom Bottle!


Help the planet with each sip! This eco-friendly, 16 oz. double-wall, insulated party cup keeps your beverages colder longer. It is biodegradable, recyclable, and free of both BPA and lead, and it is great for the home, the office, or fun events like corporate cookouts, picnics, festivals, parades, and more. Customize this cup by choosing from a selection of colors to showcase your company, school, charity logo, or marketing message. Clients will love supporting your brand with this eco-friendly party cup!


Give the gift that keeps on writing by marketing with this trendy carboard notebook with a pen! This recycled cardboard notebook it a great way to bring in new business while also showcasing your support for sustainable, eco-friendly products. This notebook is constructed out of recycled cardboard and features 60 sheets of white lined paper, and the matching click-action pen is also recycled. This is the perfect gift for promoting environmental awareness, preservation campaigns, and other green causes, and you can add a charity, organization message, promotional design to the cover of this notebook!


Refresh your guests and the Earth every day! This 20 oz. sport bottle measures approximately 7.75″ tall and comes in a variety of translucent colors. Designed to be biodegradable, recyclable, and free of both BPA and lead, you can use it at gyms, marathons, and other athletic events. This eco-conscious bottle is perfect for promoting environmental awareness and is customizable. Put your brand directly into your guests’ hands!

Bamboo Click Pen
Wheat Flare Pen

Bamboo Click Pen
If you’re looking to make your brand’s image eco-friendlier, you can’t go wrong with this promotional pen! This eco-friendly recyclable bamboo clicker pen with a clip is a great way to show appreciation for your customers and the earth. It is designed with 100% bamboo logo at the top with elegant black trim and writes with German black ink. By adding a charity or organization logo, message, or promotional artwork, your brand’s image will be promoting environmental awareness, preservation campaigns, and other green causes. Go green or go home!

Wheat Flare Pen
This pen is made of Wheat Straw Polypropylene and contains 50% less polypropylene than traditional pen. Composed of reclaimed stalks from wheat, our wheat flare pen is a plunger-action style pen and is the perfect eco-friendly promo product for any business! There is no indication of extractable gluten in testing.

To find more please visit our online search tool and type in keywords like “wheat straw” and get 515 results, “bamboo” and get 8411 results, or other similar keywords and get ideas on what is out if you want to use earth friendly items when buying promotional products. You can sort these items by most popular, by price point, or add criteria on your own for a price range and a minimum quantity that you are considering. Our team can quickly get you more info on anything you find on our site or online in general and if time allows arrange to get you samples to confirm quality before you add your logo.

SWFL Marketing Group is led by Martin and Karen Pahnke both who have over 30 years small business experience each and supported by Amanda Dickson. She is the full time graphic artist that ensures the best message possible is on items our customers choose for their tangible (sustainable and eco-friendly) marketing campaigns that work great to Thank, Invite, Excite, Recognize, and Reward those important to your organization!

We are available to our customers by phone, email, or at our physical location!

We look forward to assisting your organization with any upcoming marketing initiatives or special events!


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