How to Search for Promotional Products?

When our customers or prospects are looking to support a marketing campaign or event with a custom logoed item it is important for them to consider several factors to get the best results. Some questions we ask to best help with the selection and design work are the following.

What is the purpose of the campaign – this should be known
up front as then all the aspects can work together.  Is it awareness, appreciation of customers or
volunteers, product launch or grand opening or supporting a cause?

A closely related question- What do you want the audience to do?

Who will be the recipients of the branded items? Prospects, customers, business affiliates, volunteers, or a general mixed audience? It could also be mostly male or mostly female, blue collar workers or C level executives, sales and marketing folks, a certain age group or a group of golfers or group of photographers or more demographic info that is relevant.

What is the total budget for the event or campaign allocated towards branded items? Sometimes packaging or drop shipping or items that work together could be included to enhance the recipient’s experience.

Do all the items go to one place or need to be drop shipped? Is it residential or commercial – for bulk shipments there are advantages to commercial addresses including security and signatures confirming receipt.

What is the required in hands date? Often our orders are for event related items with a known date however time should be allocated to inspections and sorting and other handling needed before the event.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it goes beyond the product type, price of the product, the color and how many which for those folks who buy online can get to a purchase by knowing those two answers and having a logo to add, a credit card and a ship to address.

So, is it a good idea to do it yourself or delegate the purchase to a team member for a rush purchase of promotional pens, coffee mugs, t-shirts? Sometimes it may work out just right but what if the purchase is for golf balls when a golf towel or cooling towel may have been a better purchase for an item that should have been kept long term. Or when the coffee mug order is accepted, and the full color logo ends up being only one color and it is discovered when the items arrive. Or if an event date is 2 weeks away and the goods are ordered and ship by ground and the arrival will be after the event.

As marketing professionals in the field of custom branded items and apparel we recommend buyers contact a professional who takes the time to find out more about the reason for the campaign and what the objectives are and other factors so that his/her input will result in a better decision about product selection, imprint design, distribution and more.

Our team at SWFL Marketing Group includes husband and wife owners who have over 30 years small business ownership experience each and an in-house graphic artist who can add appropriate designs, contact info and call to action messages to our printed items in short order at no extra cost*. We have access to hundreds of supplier partners to locate the right items to support your next campaign and can adjust where we get product to meet short deadlines when needed if inventory or production times present challenges. When we take on a project, we always strive for on time delivery and satisfaction. For regular orders for our customers we do not require a credit card payment up front and invoice after the goods arrive.

We here at SWFL Marketing Group love to assist our customers in making meaningful connections with their audience, and we strive to help our customers invite, excite, recognize, and reward their clients! Let us help you Stand Up and Shine in your industry with logoed items that will make an impression.

We are available to our customers by phone, email, or at our physical location!

*one hour of design is included in every order


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