Grow Your Business with Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

Word of Mouth advertising is one of the best forms of advertising to get new customers! A third party that a buyer trusts, recommending a solution to a prospects problem is going to have more weight than simply a billboard or flyer. This is an example of earned media, and one where our marketing specialty of promotional products truly shines. Word-of-mouth advertising often supports other advertising channels where a buyer sees an advertisement online, seeks out a solution online, hears of a business or sees signs and displays; and when the time comes to act, they often ask a trusted advisor before they make a move. With a positive recommendation the sale will be much more likely to occur.

So, why do promotional products positively affect word-of-mouth advertising?
Our customers that use promotional products often have their brand in front of their customers and prospects all year long as a logoed coffee mug stays on their desk, a branded lunch bag holds a healthy lunch every working day, a logoed uniform that displays the company brand to everyone that employee encounters, or the imprinted insulated shopping tote that is on display when the user goes shopping, or when the logoed beach bag is used on the beach over the weekend to hold snacks and drinks. What do these items have in common? They are useful items and when used proactively and deliver a great amount of goodwill for the business that gives them out. Of course, this does not turn the marketing item recipients into salespeople. Instead they act as ambassadors when others see the logo on the tote bag if they indeed are looking for a related product or service they often would ask “I need to get a new air conditioner how is Joe’s AC” and then the recommendation flows and the lead becomes a warm lead and a high chance of a sale!

The owners of SWFL Marketing Group have each been business owners together since 1990 in various industries and evolved business from start to a point where over 80% of their business is repeat and referral. This continues even in this digital age. We help organizations increase their business through effective use of imprinted promotional items which are often perceived by the recipient as gifts and often kept in the home or office for years keeping the organizations branding visible to the recipient and others they encounter.

Please call on our team for solutions to grow your business through word-of-mouth advertising. Consultations are at no charge or obligation.

We are available to our customers by phone, email, or at our physical location!

We look forward to assisting your organization with any upcoming marketing initiatives or special events!


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