Autumn In Florida

SWFL Marketing Group serves primarily Southwest Florida based businesses and organizations. The cooler Autumn weather will be arriving soon and is welcome by all who live here! Our out of area visitors will soon be arriving in flocks to experience our beautiful weather. Our customers often ask us for ideas for gifts for their audience, to help them we focus on four main criteria.

  • Who is receiving the item / gift
    • Top Customers of your Business
    • Board Members of your Non-Profit
    • Employees / Staff
    • Volunteers
  • What are you looking to achieve / what is your goal
    • Brand Awareness
    • Company Branding
    • Show of Appreciation
    • Staying in Touch
    • Recognition of an achieved Milestone
    • Celebration Enhancement
  • Timeframe
    • Event Date
    • Marketing / Mailer planned
  • Budget
    • Per item goal
    • Total project goal

With those considerations and our customer’s input our team goes to work. Martin, Karen, and Amanda have over 60 years of small business and consulting experience combined and with incredible manufacturing partners we can call on we are confident we can supply the optimal solutions to wow our customer’s valued audience.

We anticipate that in the coming weeks our customers will agree that gifts their audience can use while relaxing are most appropriate as the weather in our area cools down. When spending time outdoors, all of us will be using folding chairs, blankets, coolers, bags, and umbrellas at home, on the beach or in a park. Maybe even enjoying snacks at drinks on the patio or lanai or by a fire. All these leisure activities can be enhanced by a special logoed gift from an employer, vendor, or an organization you love or volunteer for.

Our team very much looks forward to the upcoming cooler weather and the holiday season. Contact us to get ahead on your Autumn marketing plans!


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