Creative Uses for Reusable Bags

Creative Uses for Reusable Bags

It can be challenging to find the right promotional items for your business. You want to find products that are cost effective and useful for your customers and potential customers, and you don’t want to waste your money on items that will simply be lost or thrown away.

If you’re searching for promotional items that are Eco-friendly and flexible, consider ordering reusable bags. When most people think of reusable bags, they think of using these bags at the grocery store. Reusable bags are a great choice for grocery transportation, but they also have an endless list of other creative uses!

1. Library Trips

When you visit the library, it’s fun to browse through all of the selections and select the right books, DVDs and other items to enjoy at home. However, getting everything to your house is not always an easy task! Reusable bags are roomy and durable, so you can easily fit your books and other materials into them for easy transportation.

2. Vehicle Organization

If your car trunk is filled with odds and ends, a few reusable bags can help keep everything organized. Fill one bag with sports equipment, one with your first aid kit and other emergency supplies, and keep a third for the other items that always seem to be left in your vehicle.

3. Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap

It can be challenging to find a budget-friendly way to wrap bulky gifts, but reusable bags provide the perfect solution. When your recipient gets your gift, they will actually be receiving two gifts! They will be able to use both the present and the reusable bag.

4. Beach Visits

The next time you’re headed to the beach, grab a couple of reusable bags to hold all of your beach supplies. The bags are lightweight and durable, so you can carry the kids’ beach toys, sunscreen, snacks and more without adding extra weight to your load.

5. Picnic Kit

You never know when the perfect opportunity for a picnic for arrive. Make a spontaneous picnic day easier by keeping a reusable bag stocked with paper plates, cups, napkins and silverware. You’ll then be ready to pick up food, grab your picnic kit and go when you’re in the mood for dining alfresco.

6. Container Garden

Most people have no idea that reusable bags can even be used to create a container garden. Since most reusable bags have large bases, they are the perfect size for planting small colorful flowers or even vegetables.

7. Freezer Organization

Buying in bulk and freezing extras is a great way to keep your food costs low. However, it can be difficult to find things in a large freezer, especially if you have a chest freezer. You don’t need to buy expensive storage bins to keep everything organized. Simply sort your items, and divide them into color-coded reusable bags.

8. Crafting

Finally, you can also use reusable bags to make other crafts. If your bag is plain, let your child turn it into a work of art by using fabric markers. You can find a wide variety of free craft tutorials online that will teach you how to turn your reusable bags into wallets, aprons, lunch bags, baby bibs, sandwich holders, vegetable carriers, drink holders and more!

Since there are so many uses for reusable bags, they are the perfect promotional items for your business. As your customers use their bags again and again for multiple tasks, your business name will be spread throughout the community. Roberts Advertising is here to help you design reusable bags that meet both your needs and your budget.

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