Custom Apparel

Our team at SWFL Marketing group loves our industry manufacturing partners as they are regularly supplying our business with ways we can better help our customers.

We provide our customers with logoed items and apparel with the most popular customizable (not custom) category of items we sell is apparel. Generally, we supply polos and t-shirts for corporate wear and to support events. Most of the time we start with a blank item and add screen printing or embroidery using our customer’s logo and add additional design and messaging where appropriate. We have a huge option of stock colors and apparel styles to choose from, but it is unusual that our in a hurry for 24 pieces customer can do a custom item color as well as all over art.

Just this week at our big industry trade show which this year was live and virtual I met with a supplier of custom (not customizable) apparel we can offer with minimums as little as 10 pieces. These items can be used by sports teams, allowing to add names and numbers, small businesses, and non-profit organizations which we can supply with custom item colors and all over designs unique to their organization and even unique to the event in as little as 4 weeks.

What I am excited about is the low minimums and super low fill orders (1 piece!) Keep your eyes on our YouTube channel for more news from the big industry trade show and throughout the year with news and tips around promotional products which is the best way I know of to thank, invite, excite, recognize, and reward those important to your organization.

We are available to our customers by phone, email, or at our physical location!


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