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A-Z Direct Mail Solution

Roberts Advertising offers a complete A-Z direct mail service. Our progressive and continuously changing methods means that we are constantly at the forefront of the industry. We provide every type of service which a business or individual needs or wants with regards to direct mail advertising. Businesses wishing to use Roberts Advertising are able to use our graphic design solutions or printing services for their direct mailings. Additionally we provide services to help you manage and build your mailing list, plus the actual mailing part. The fact that we provide both printing and marketing services is what makes us so successful.

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What is Direct Mail Advertising

Advertising by direct mail will deliver your print message to your target audience via mail, either to a specific mailing list, or to your target area unaddressed. Roberts advertising’s beautiful postcards are sure to be noticed either way.

Popularity of Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail the most popular form of direct marketing despite increases in the cost of postage. This form of advertising is one of the largest marketing mediums after television and newspapers. The reason for this is simple, one can easily send direct mail to a very targeted audience and is an inexpensive alternative broadcast advertising.

It is an especially attractive choice for owners of small businesses, as it may communicate a good deal of detailed information about services or products and reach virtually any imaginable target audience for a comparatively low cost. Use direct mail as your business’s only means of advertising, or use it to supplement your other sales efforts. For instance, small businesses can use direct mail to share it’s offerings with potential customers, then close the sale or contract with a visit from a salesperson or a phone call.

Direct Mail Advantages

The owner of a start-up will find that direct mail is a powerful approach to generate interest and create awareness of a new product, while the owner of an existing company might find it great for getting new clients beyond their current client base or geographical location. An additional benefit of direct mail is testability, business owners can experiment with various kinds of sales copy, layouts and colors on different target audiences in order to discover the best way to market products or services.

Direct Mail for Businesses

Direct mail can also be a powerful medium in business-to-business marketing. Given that company orders and contracts tend to be more lucrative than those of consumers, it sometimes requires several mailings to convert a sale. Besides making sales to the targeted business, business-to-business direct mail can be used to find referrals and completely new sales leads beyond that company.

The Cost of Direct Mail

A large chunk of the cost of direct mailing is postage. Other costs include design, copy-writing, print and buying mail lists. As mentioned before, Roberts Advertising covers all, or some, of these needs and will gladly work with you to find an effective solution for your business.

Roberts Advertising offers several sizes of postcards, the size you choose will largely determine the final cost.



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