Frequently Asked Questions

Do you produce promotional products at your location?

Our company’s primary role is to help our organizational customers find the best items to use in their marketing and gifting campaigns. We do not produce items at our location, which allows us to focus our efforts in finding the best options available in the marketplace and helping with the messaging that goes on the item. We work with hundreds of partner suppliers and manufacturers to provide appropriate budget friendly solutions.

What promotional products are the most popular?

In general apparel and accessories account for over 30% of promotional product sales but our opinion is that we do not necessarily recommend the most popular products for our customers to use but rather items that will appeal and be useful to their audience and have the greatest chance of achieving the campaign’s objective. There may be budgets to consider along with turnaround time which may affect items we recommend.

How is the industry structured?

The promotional product industry for the most part includes 2 main groups. Industry suppliers anticipate which items will be in demand, import or manufacture them, stock blank items in inventory, promote their offerings to distributors and add corporate branding and messaging custom to each order. Industry distributers are advisors to their clients who buy promotional items to enhance their marketing campaigns by including appropriate branded merchandise and apparel. Distributors like SWFL Marketing Group recommend best options and assist clients with selection and imprinting useful (in the hands of their audience) promotional items. Both main groups actively network with each other and stay current on industry news through our main industry trade association – Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), and other industry associations.

Why do promotional products work?

Promotional products work best when bought to enhance the experience that the recipient has with the brand that is giving them away. Often, they appeal to several of the 5 senses, and are items that the recipient may even have bought on their own if not given it. They often are kept for many months even years showing off the messaging and reminding the recipient of where it came from.

Can I get a product sample?

Yes, if time allows. SWFL Marketing Group encourages our customers to allow time to get a product sample before ordering a bulk shipment of customized items. Ensuring that the quality level is as expected is very important to us as our success in this industry is dependent on our customer’s success in using items that achieve the results they expect.

What are your delivery options?

Our policy even before recommending a promotional product item solution is to ask about our client’s objective and in hands date and where it needs to go to. We can deliver to one location or drop ship to multiple locations or even individual recipients in special packaging if requested.
Generally we use our account, FedEx or UPS, and anticipate to getting there one day or more before the customer’s requested in-hands date.

Can we have an in-person meeting?

We regularly meet with our clients when they are planning a new campaign and include promotional items in it. We do not charge hourly rates and we are compensated when we fulfil orders on behalf of our clients. We can meet at our place of business in Ft. Myers or Naples Florida, at our client’s place of business, online or on the phone.

Where are you located?

Fort Myers Office (Corporate Office)
4300 Ford St. Ext. #100B, Fort Myers, Florida 33916

Naples Office (Venture X)
4850 Tamiami Trail N. Suite 301, Naples, Florida 34103

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