Great Ways to Promote Your Business with Signs and Displays

Hi, I am Martin Pahnke partner at SWFL Marketing Group. Welcome to our showroom.

Today I want to present marketing solutions to promote your business at trade shows, events, your office or store and at other locations where your target audience goes.

Custom designed signs and displays can be ordered one at a time and our team can help you with all of the design work. From your order to delivery can be less than one week.

Let me show you some of our most popular pieces that we and our customers use. Outside sign that stands up with no wind, a large collapsible back of the trade show booth display, a retractable banner stand easy to transport and set up anywhere, a full-color table cloth a must have for your next business expo, a banner on a horizontal or vertical banner stand.

Please call on our team to help you with your next promotion or event. Remember everything we do is custom based on your objectives, target audience, budget and in hands date requirements. Our number is 239-437-4370 and our web address is


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