Office Parties- The Do’s and Don’ts!

Office parties are a fun way to show employees and your audience appreciation and a fun time!  

We’ve compiled a list help you plan a fun, enjoyable party for all! 

Make it Fun!

Make sure you keep a light and fun atmosphere that all your guests can enjoy! Don’t worry about selling to your clients while they’re attending your get-together or having your employees work through the event! Focus on letting everyone enjoy themselves! 

Make it Memorable!

Giving clients or employees a fun afternoon, evening, or day will have them remembering you in a good light! Employees who think positively of their company are likely to work harder and more efficiently! Customers who think positively of a company are likely to purchase goods and services from that company more often!  

You can use your party as an opportunity to give party-goers a branded gift! Whether it’s something small like a nice engraved pen with their name, a personalized tumbler, or something big like a full branded gift basket, giving them something to take home that they’ll use in the future is a fantastic way to leave a good impression in people’s minds!

Show Your Values!

Having a party is a great way to show your audience what you care about! Is your business really into helping the community? Why not hold a silent auction at your party? Guests can get cool items and feel good about having their money donated to a good cause! 

Having an office party to celebrate events important to your company is a great way to relieve stress in employees, and get to know clients and prospects in a stress free and casual setting. Events can range from Holiday parties, Anniversary parties, or random fun events you set up that make sense in your industry! High stress industry? Host a Christmas in July Party, a Costume Party, or a Luau! 

You can attend our Anniversary Party on November 20th, 2020! SWFL Marketing Group is celebrating it’s 30th Birthday! Join us for a fun afternoon of food, drinks, charity, and dogs!
Meet new people and receive a free attendance gift!

We look forward to seeing you there!


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