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Masks & Face Shields

Form Fitted Cupped Cotton Mask

2 Ply 100% cotton fabric
with Pocket for Filter Insert
100 is $2.58
250 is $2.50
Contact us for more price breaks
2 Weeks

2 Ply White Mask

Full Color Heat Transfer Logo
Production Time: 7-10 Business Days
100 Min $2.85 each, $2.35 each blank
On Sale Through 10/31/20!
2 Weeks

3 Ply Disposable

QTY 50+ = $0.29 ea
QTY 1000+ = $0.24 ea

Call About Program Pricing
In Stock

2 Ply Cotton Reusable Black Face Mask

QTY 50+, $1.49 ea
In Stock

Sublimated 3-Layer Mask

with Filter Pocket, Nose Clip, Adjustable Elastic Bands, Individually Sealed Bags
100 minimum, 10-12 BD Production
Starts at $6.50 ea
* Youth Sizes Available *
10 - 12 Days

4 Ply, 100% Cotton Reusable Mask

Blank: 100+ is $3.35
Logoed: 100+ is $3.99 (+$50 Setup)
Price Based on 1 Color Imprint
Multicolor Imprints Available
2 Weeks

KN95 Masks

$1 ea, 500 min
w/ Certificate $1.60 ea, 1000 min
N95 Masks available, call for details
1 week

Too Many Options?
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Microfiber Face mask with Keychain Case

Full Color decoration on both mask and keychain case (6 mask colors available)
100 minimum, $5.25 each
7-10 business day production time
2 Weeks

Custom Knit face mask

$4.95 50+, $4.15 100+
2 Weeks

Children's Fully Sublimated Mask

100 Minimum, $5 each

4 Ply, 100% Cotton Reusable Youth Mask

Blank: 250+ is $3.35
Logoed: 250+ is $3.99 (+$50 Setup)
2 Weeks

Children's Disposable Mask

Quantity 500, $0.80 each
Quantity 2,000, $0.50 each

Face shields

Blank: 25 + $3.95, 100 + $1.79
Logoed: 100 + $2.79
Logoed Shields 1-2 Business Day Production Time
Children's Shields Available Also-
Call for Pricing and Information
In Stock


Minimum 250, $0.59 each
$40 Set up, Standard One Color Imprint

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Hand Sanitizer

10mL Hand Sanitizer Spray

Production time 5-10 business days, Full Color Custom Label,
Minimum Quantity 500,
Starting at $1.20

1 Color Sanitizer Gel

Production time 7 business days,
Minimum Quantity 200, Starting at $1.35 each
(.5 oz) to $1.59 each (2 oz)
-Full Color Available-

1oz, Full Color Logoed Hand Sanitizer

Production time 15 business days
Minimum Quantity 100, Starting at $1.80 each
3 Weeks

1 Gallon Gel Sanitizer

Minimum Quantity 4, Starting at $29.99 each
Blank ships in 24 hrs!
(Available with pump for +$1.20 each)

Touchless Items

with Lost & Found Service

Production 13-15 business days, Full Color
Minimum 100 pieces
Starting at $4.80 each
3 Weeks

Large Safe Key with
Beaded Chain

Production Time 7 business days
Minimum 250 pieces
Starting at $2.88
7 Bus. Days

Colorama Antimicrobial AM Pen

3 Business Day Production time, 250 Minimum Quantity, $0.55 each
+ $0.06 each to poly-bag
Full Color
3 Days

Colorama Stylus Pen

1 Business Day Production time, 250 Minimum Quantity, $0.65 each
Full Color
24 hours

Looking for Something Else?

Cleaning Kit

Get this kit as a whole, or order individual items! Multiple spray bottles available! Sanitizer Pump bottles available!


Minimum Quantity 50, Starting at $8.99
7 Business Days after art approval

Refillable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

$73.63 Each
Higher Quantity Pricing Available

No Decoration Included

On-the-Go Paper Soap

Minimum Quantity 500, starting at $2.59 each*
Assorted Scents Available
20-25 Business Days after art approval

Fully Sublimated Antimicrobial headband

Minimum Quantity 250, starting at $6.64 each*
25 Business Days after art approval

Other Antimicrobial apparel options available, call for information

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Please understand that our face masks and shields are not a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment. The decision to use our masks is solely your own. Please remember that use of face masks is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face. Follow the latest advice of the CDC and your own health care professionals as to how best to keep yourself safe. SWFL MARKETING GROUP SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS THAT MASKS WILL PREVENT INFECTION OR THE TRANSMISSION OF VIRUSES OR DISEASES. MASKS ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS, OR TREATMENT, AND ANY MEDICAL QUESTIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER.


* Additional Charges may apply