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The team at SWFL Marketing Group is, as of this writing this, here, healthy, and helpful! Events which are a huge driver for our customer’s marketing campaigns, and the reason many come to us for support, have ground to a halt during this pandemic; but life (and work) must go on. In this, hopefully short-term social distancing reality, we now have the time to work on projects! These could include research for our clients for their campaigns, either rescheduled ones or future events. We now have the time to look at updating uniforms, designing mail pieces for the second and third quarter, providing wellness related items for staff and volunteers, and work-at-home kits for increased team efficiency!

So far, our team has been lucky during this crisis, having less than average exposure to the general public since we are a small business. We are ready to continue assisting our valued customers and new customers with their marketing endeavors. Our supplier partners are across the country and most are open and are ready and eager to help us putting in orders and with getting information and samples to you. During this time where things have slowed down, why not take the time to prepare for the sudden influx when the metaphoric storm passes?

A goal without a plan is just a wish. -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


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