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From time to time we come across a new promotional item that will work for many industries. What makes promotional products work great as an effective media you ask?
The marketing message is delivered to the […]

A Better Fridge Magnet

One of the best things about using promotional products to promote your business at trade shows or when calling on customers and prospective customers is that the right items will last a long time in […]

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How many t-shirts, water bottles, coolers should I buy for our event?

So you are the event organizer for a fundraiser or a customer appreciation event and the committee has given you a budget and now you need to place orders... Logoed merchandise like the items in the heading are great ways to help make an event memorable and to say thank you to customers, employees or volunteers. Attendance at an event can be estimated based on facility capacity, registration sign up or previous years events and will be an important number when determining how many items to order. Your promotional products consultant can make recommendations of what to buy based on your objectives, your audience, and your budget and will be aware of the time frames you are dealing with. How much to buy is a different consideration For example - When you place an order for 100 pieces of an item from time to time you will receive slightly over [...]

Using Promotional Items to Your Advantage

As a business, you already know the importance of using promotional items to advertise your business. Equally as important though is working with a marketing company who provides you with high-quality items that fall within your budget, no matter how limited it is. We at SWFL Marketing Group understand this and want to tell you a bit more about the various things you want these items to do for you. Give Your Customers Advanced Warning Are you gearing up for a major event? Would you like to send out some pre-event marketing items? There are some items available that have “save the date” printed on them. These products include things like magnets, cork or paper board coasters and calendars. They are lightweight enough that you can mail to your clients anywhere from six weeks to eight months before the event is scheduled to occur, depending upon your guest list [...]

Promotional Items In A Digital Age

After more than a century of increasing importance to corporate marketing plans, promotional items have proven to be equally effective in the digital age. While many of the long-term standards, such as calendars and cups, continue to be popular, flash drives and other electronic items have gained popularity among many users. These devices are especially appropriate for keeping top-of-mind presence with customers who are involved with digital markets Keeping it Rich One example of how the new digital promotional items are used is for the many press and blogger events that are held today. Instead of simply loading down attendees with printed materials and brochures, using imprinted flash drive giveaways sends those members of the press home with readily usable rich media content. Those who receive the drives can quickly access a brand’s rich media promotional items, and easily include video clips, photos, and other material in their own posts [...]