25 Days of Christmas

25 Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Organization Shine!

Our family-owned business SWFL Marketing Group specializes in one medium in the marketing industry which is custom branded merchandise. Also known as promotional products, this medium is different from all other marketing options in a major way in that often recipients love getting them. In the spirit of the holiday season, here are 25 of our favorite ideas of ways our products can be used as gifts.

A single piece or a set of Stanley Tumblers for a closing gift for a automobile purchase.

A blanket as a year end gift for company team members or as a gift from financial advisor.

A set of coffee mugs as a gift to bring along for a Dinner Party at friends.
Coffee Mugs are one of the most versatile promo items you can give! There are hundreds of ways to use them!

A travel luggage beverage caddy gift for a regular traveler from a travel agent.

A set of engraved glasses and coasters for a real estate closing gift.

A “Welcome to our Chamber” desktop membership frame.

A welcome gift box to a new team member sent to their home.

Branded plates as a corporate year end gift from a tax consultant.

A luxurious beach towel for team members going to a corporate retreat to a beach hotel.

A “Relax At Home” gift from a Spa or Salon to their customers.

A new set of high-end custom polos for the whole department with your new brand colors.

A 20,000 mAh power bank for outside workers to keep their devices charged.

A set of branded socks for the whole company to celebrate a new product launch.

A customized Moleskine Planner book as a year end gift for your team.

A cross body belt bag/fanny pack as sign up gift for corporate wellness.

An eco friendly cooler weather gift Recycled Eco Jacket.

A pet lovers must have – silicone pet bowls.

An event give away solid copper margarita glass

A sports fan must have. Backpack with their teams logo on it.
Ask what other Licensed Teams are available!

A wind chime as an event gift for realtors or as a thank you gift to a new home buyer.

Candles as an event or thank you gift.

Custom Caps for an outside family event gift.
Added bonus of not needing to worry about sizes!

Wireless waterproof Bluetooth speakers included in a welcome gift for remote workers.

Custom spiral bound book for event organizer for sponsor recognition and note taking.

Stainless steel tumblers branded and personalized with recipients name as and event gift.

To get other ideas that match your budget to start you could use our industry search tool. This tool allows you to search for items by price range, quality and keywords and categories. Our team can quickly get all the information on turnaround times, inventory, alternative products if criteria are close but not quite right and arrange to get physical samples of items to confirm quality.

Our team looks forward to helping you on your next project.
Please never hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or assistance on research!


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