Consumers Love Promotional Products

This means your customers and prospective customers love them as well. Besides being a great vehicle to create awareness at trade shows, grand openings, annual meetings this media is a great way to thank those important to your business or organization with a custom year end gift.

What is important when deciding on what to buy as a promotional item in general and specifically when using the item to say thank you.

  1.  Consider your objective – When thanking a customer or business partner the gift should be a genuine article showing appreciation. The imprint on the item should not appear to be a bold advertisement. Also consider an item that the recipient may use away from their place of business.
  2. Consider the price point – Some organizations are not allowed to give a gift beyond a certain price point, going beyond a certain price may not allow for tax deductions as a gift item. In the nonprofit arena many would prefer dollars to go to the cause, and of course company policy and precedent is important.
  3. Consider distribution – How the items will be distributed and if the gift items are for a group. Some items are easy to mail, some are better personally delivered and of course some can be shared, and some can’t be.
  4. Consider when the distribution will start and when it needs to be complete – This is a factor to share with your promotional products professional as orders from start to finish can involve several steps. Selection of the item, working on the layout design, production of the item and shipping to one or more locations are things to consider. Of course, starting early is always a good idea but there are times when order to delivery can be less than one week when necessary.

Share these and other factors important to you with your promotional products professional and they will make recommendations that will fit your criteria and be appreciated by those your business wants to thank for their role in your success.

SWFL Marketing Group consults with businesses assisting them to select the right items to achieve their marketing objectives based on their audience, budget, goals and time frame. We participate in the project from concept to delivery drawing on our experience and the experience of our business partners to make the campaign a success. Our professionals can help you with great ways to say thank you to those important to your business as we enter the holidays.


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