Cooling Towels

While many people enjoy outdoor activities during summer, we can’t deny the fact how excruciating heat stops us from being active. Should we miss the FUN this Summer Season? Of course not! Thanks to ‘cooling towels’ we can now protect ourselves from overheating from the sun.

You can surely beat the heat with our ‘cooling towels’ that are made of Microfiber material that makes the towel capable of retaining water without getting wet to make you feel cool and fresh under the heat of the sun.

Wet. Wave. Wear.

  1. Wet Towel
  2. Wring out excess water
  3. Wave it the air to activate and then wrap it around your neck, head or other parts of your body.

Cooling towels can be your best buddy when you are doing your workouts in the gym, CrossFit centers or in hot yoga studios. If your organization or company is planning a fun run, the cooling towels along with t-shirts can be used as giveaways to the participants.

Companies and firms can also use cooling towels to promote their sports and wellness-themed marketing campaigns. Cooling towels are excellent gifts for employees when they sign up to their company’s corporate wellness program.   If your company doesn’t have one yet, check out

Our cooling towels are available in different sizes that might be suitable for you. Our favorite source offers these sizes – 6”x21”, 7”x33”, 12”x21” and 11”x33”. Full-color imprints are available on both ends of the towel or the complete towel can be full color with pictures, logos and messages.

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