Create A Long Lasting Positive Impression With Your Audience

Hi there, I am Martin Pahnke owner and lead advisor at SWFL Marketing Group. Today’s video will show you an example of creating a positive long-lasting impression with your customers, prospects and others who are important to your organization. Often being nice to family members is one way to create a positive impression. Of course, children are most often thought of but another family member for many is the family pet. In our country, $60 billion is spent on pets annually.

In our family, we have a 10-year-old Manchester Terrier Montana today modeling for us and showing some items that pet related organizations or those that have pet loving customers could give to their audience.

Pet-friendly hotels could have theme rooms or themed events and give away a robe for the family dog. Sports clubs could give away branded pet shirts to their season ticket holders that have pets. Bandanas are another item that Montana might want from the doggie daycare he visits. Responsible pet owners will always have waste bags handy when going for a walk. Here is a pad for dog food keeping your customer’s floor clean in the feeding area.

Without showing you dozens of examples I would like to make a point that the ideal promotional product for your campaign is often an item that the customer would buy and use if it was not given to him or her by a thoughtful business.

SWFL Marketing Group with its owners having over 50 years of small business ownership experience daily help our customers with recommendations on which products to use for which business objectives based on the audience they are working with and the budget for the project. We are easy to reach at 239-437-4370 and online at

We look forward to your call and helping you stay memorable with your audience.


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