How to find what items are right for you!

Our team here at SWFL Marketing Group works hard to build lasting and worthwhile connections with our industry partners and our clients. Building these connections with our supplier partners allows us to receive special pricing and perks, and we are always happy to pass those along to our customers! Our main goal with our partnerships is to provide the best possible options to our clients for their marketing projects! 

With all of the options available, it can sometimes be hard to find what you’re looking for, because looking at thousands of options can be incredibly overwhelming. We love being able to take this hurdle out of the way for our clients by taking their idea and plan for their upcoming marketing campaign, and researching the best promotional products to fit their needs.

Our supplier partners offer so many different products, and some you may not even think of! Luckily, we attend industry tradeshows regularly, and stay in contact with our top suppliers and get updates of all their new and hot products! With us in the know, it allows us to take the pressure off our clients, because we can suggest ideas that will fit any campaign and budget! From budget-friendly to high-end, we’ve got you covered! Let us help you stand out and shine today!

There are thousands of options available, so we’re positive the perfect item for your project exists!
You can try searching yourself HERE or let us take care of the research and give us a call today!

We are available to our customers by phone, email, or at our physical location!


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