Refillable Items

We come to you today to talk about refillable items for lobbies, waiting rooms, and offices!

Whether you are looking for something to knock your waiting room up a notch, or you are trying to increase connections with businesses adjacent to your own, refillable items offer a unique advantage. For your own internal use, they put your brand in the hands of your customers reminding them of your brand! For example, 50% of people take a mint from a business and save it for later, creating extra impressions and giving them a nice reminder of their experience! When placing your brand in other businesses lobbies or waiting rooms, it gives you an opportunity to take advantage of customers in an adjacent market that you’d also like to work with! For example, if you sell medical supplies, putting mints, pens, and brochures in local doctors’ offices is a great way to let patients know that you have the items and services they need! Giving others your products also gives you a reason to check in periodically and stop by their locations! It turns your visits into welcome refills of awesome items as opposed to cold calls and trying to get ahold of someone to talk to!

A fantastic, budget friendly item for this cause is mints and individually wrapped candies! Not only is it Covid-Safe, but it is also a tasty treat that people love! 40% of patrons would take advantage of an offer on a mint, and 61% are more likely to frequent the business on the mint! Mints and candies are a versatile and incredibly useful marketing tool that is budget friendly and comes with plenty of room for any information and calls-to-action that you could need!

Pairing with candies, a receptacle for your drop-offs can also be an incredibly useful item! Gifting a candy jar (filled with mints!) on your first visit, or a coffee mug filled with pens can be a great way to ensure that your brand sticks around (even if you only make one visit)! Coffee Mugs are an affordable way to deliver a gift of pens or candy that can then be a conversation piece for the future. Looking for something more high-end? We have suppliers that offer beautiful crystal candy jars, and versatile desk caddies, sticky note holders, and even USB power bank/note pad holders.

Hand sanitizer is a hot commodity in recent times, so what better way to get your brand recognized than with sanitizer? You can get personal pocket-sized bottles, pump bottles to stay on desks and reception counters, or even full-sized sanitizer dispensers for main entrances or lobbies!

We here at SWFL Marketing Group love to assist our customers in making meaningful connections with their audience, and we strive to help our customers invite, excite, recognize, and reward their clients! Let us help you Stand Up and Shine in your industry with logoed items that will make an impression.

We are available to our customers by phone, email, or at our physical location!


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