How to Plan for Holidays

SWFL Marketing Group is the company to go to for help to Thank, Invite, Excite, Recognize and Reward those important to your profit or nonprofit organization when considering including logoed items to make a great long-lasting impact. In our area of Florida outside events can happen all year but in many places the summer months are perfect times to set up outdoor celebrations to recognize team members, customers, volunteers, and others business leaders may want to spend non work time with.

We find that the experience can be enhanced greatly with audience appropriate, and budget appropriate gifts which can be used at the event and often used for a long time thereafter. This could include t-shirts, hats, cooler bags, water bottles or other drinkware, flags, ribbons and much more. Many of these items can represent your company or organization for months in the future when participants wear them while out in the community.

Many years ago, while in real estate sales I had a practice to have client appreciation events one in the summer and one in December. It was a way to stay in touch with those important to me personally and professionally and it helped add to the enjoyment of my profession and I believe contribute to a reliable stream of repeat and referral business as long as I remained in this business.

We invite those that want to add impact to their events to reach out to us for input including in the area of logoed gifts their audience would appreciate. We want to stress that while doing your event planning online could be fast and easy do not make purchases or final decisions without reaching out to professionals that can help at no additional charge. Our company does not charge up front for ideas or checking into options for what could help your events to be more impactful. Leaving enough time for an event is paramount to that event’s success. We suggest starting planning at least 2 ½ to 3 months before your intended date.

Here is a quick planning list you can use to help you along!

  1. Cultivate Your Idea & Plan Date
    What Holiday/Time of Year are you celebrating?
  2. List Objectives for Party/Event
    Who is attending?
    What do you want to accomplish?
    Where is the event taking place?
    Why should the participants be excited?
    How can you get them even more excited?
  3. Contact SWFL Marketing Group for assistance in getting all the right promotional products (Leave at least 1 ½ months for production and delivery)
    We can help choose products that fit the theme of the event, are in your budget, and ensure that the design of the items is perfect!
  4. Have a successful party / event
    Let us deliver products directly to you or the event location, or we can even hold on to them in our office for you, until the date of your event.

Martin and Karen Pahnke have been owners and operators of small businesses together since 1990 and have an incredible team of international manufacturing partners to put personalized messages on just about anything imaginable so that your message can make the best impact on your audience. Let us and our qualified team take care of your Promotional Product campaign today!

We are available to our customers by phone, email, or at our physical location!


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