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The Photography Industry is a 10 billion dollar industry, that is chock full of talented small business owners. It is a multifaceted industry that covers a range of different types of photographers, each with their own unique style and audience. For instance, there are photographers that focus mainly on doing headshots, whether that is for entire corporations, or just for business owners who want to update their LinkedIn profile, to event photographers who cover everything from corporate events and parties to wedding photographers! Business locations and service photographers who capture images for businesses to use on their webpage and in their marketing are also a necessary branch, along with the photographers who focus more on the art, and take photos on their passions and sell their images to galleries, magazines, and stock photo collections.

Regardless of the specific niche of photography, they do all have one thing in common. They all need to be able to market themselves to their target audience! Here at SWFL Marketing Group we are eager to assist in that portion!

When attending Tradeshows or Expos, having an eye-catching booth is paramount. We can assist with this by providing full color tents, flags, banners, tablecloths, and more! As for what’s on your table, we can help with that too! Printed literature going over your pricing, story, and even a sample of your portfolio for potential clients to take is a great idea, along with cool SWAG! We can offer unique branded items for you to hand out that will keep you on the forefront of recipients minds! Flash drives that they can keep and use, that are preloaded with sample images from your portfolio and some documents that help them with planning their event and your contact information; stress balls, pens, keychains, hand sanitizer, or whatever else you’d like can be branded with your logo and information to keep your name in the palm of your targets’ hand.

Once you’ve got that new client, turning them into a returning client is just as hard! Keep your name in their head with a logoed flash drive that contains their photos from you. Not only will they keep it around just to keep their images safe, but it will always remind them of the fantastic service they received from you, making it so the next time they need professional photos that they call you! Another great thing to do, is to stay up to date with them! If you’re a wedding photographer, follow up on their first anniversary with a picture frame with a photo of them and a card! When that couple starts their family or has a big event, it’s likely that you’ll be their first call!

We here at SWFL Marketing Group love to assist our customers in making meaningful connections with their audience, and we strive to help our customers invite, excite, recognize, and reward their clients! Let us help you Stand Up and Shine in your industry with logoed items that will make an impression.

We are available to our customers by phone, email, or at our physical location!


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