With Holiday Promotional Products, It’s the Thought that Counts

With the holiday season and its gift-giving custom almost upon us, is your Florida business ready to stand out from the rest? Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and New Year’s are perfect for companies to reach out to their clients and partners with best wishes and promotional products! The unfortunate fact about this season is that many businesses go about corporate gift-giving the wrong way.

The holiday season is certainly very adequate for promotional products. There is a simple, yet very strong reason for this: People are more receptive to gifts during this time. What this means for a business is that their promotional gifts can be more effective. For example, items such as mugs or cups that keep beverages warm are ideal for this time of the year when the temperatures dip a little and people are drinking hot chocolate or eggnog to get in the holiday spirit. Sports bottles that keep fluids cool, however, are better suited for the hot Florida summers.

Choosing promotional gifts during the holiday season should not be an indifferent affair. The stakes are a bit higher than during other times of the year. This is when clients and business partners tend to remember and appreciate their gifts. If you think that sending out electronic greeting cards through email or online social networks will be sufficient this year, you need to reconsider your strategy.

Common mistakes made by businesses when it comes to distributing promotional products during the holidays include:

Inadequate products
Incorrect quantities
Trusting in the postal service to deliver on time
Leaving out staff members
Coming across as kitschy

As a Certified Master Advertising Specialist, Roberts Advertising in Fort Myers knows exactly how to avoid the situations described above. This certification is awarded by the Promotional Products Association International organization to firms that excel in terms of providing clients with expert advise in advertising and marketing. To this end, Roberts Advertising offers a great service to clients: A customized promotional products campaign for the holidays.

Rather than looking at catalogs of products, those in charge of ordering promotional items should contact Roberts Advertising first and speak to a representative about the following:

Marketing intentions
Intended goal

The factors above are highly influential in choosing promotional gifts, and they make up the thoughtfulness that the holiday season calls for. In this regard, business card holders may not be the best promotional products this time of year. Consumables such as nice bottles of wine of champagne complete with glasses and prominent branding might be perfect for law firms with small-to-medium sized staffs. To make this present even more effective, the timing should be discussed; for example, is the law firm closing before December 24th? If they are coming back to work after Christmas, that may be the perfect time to deliver branded wine or champagne with glasses.

Once again, thoughtfulness is what really counts at this time of the year, and this is what promotional products should convey. Roberts Advertising is ready to help you come across as a thoughtful member of the Florida business community with the right promotional product strategy.


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