Using Marketing Techniques that Work

Combining Marketing Tactics into an Effective Strategy

Most business owners today are constantly bombarded by messages about the importance of social media, the Internet and the power of digital marketing. Much about these new marketing channels is exciting and allows for new and effective sales techniques. It can’t be denied that some of these vehicles present very cost-effective options for identifying new prospects and servicing existing customers.

It is important, however, for all this excitement to not blur the reality about the importance of business owners developing and implementing a balanced marketing strategy. Such a strategy will effectively integrate all available marketing tactics into one cost-effective and consistent approach to their unique sales funnel.

There are many tried and true marketing tools, such as professional business cards, effective signage, and carefully selected promotional items, which help flesh out a comprehensive marketing strategy. For some markets and customers the oft-maligned direct mail is still effective as one method to be used if done correctly. The reality is that each of these tactics has its own advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, it is often as or more important how a technique is employed as the technique itself.

For example, a business owner cannot take comfort in the simple fact that advertising is being placed in a certain publication. The ad must be designed well, delivering the right message to the right prospects and generating sufficient leads to be cost-effective. That also means, of course, that the ad must be placed in the right publication.

A Century of Proven Effectiveness

While the use of promotional items in America has a long history, going back to George Washington’s presidential campaign and the Farmer’s Almanac, businesses started using them in a big way at the end of the 19th century. Since that time many successful companies have been built by making their names well-known through the use of effective promotional products.
One reason for this enduring success of these items is that they meet the tests of consistency, persistence and frequency. When the business owner gets the right imprinted product in the hands of a customer or prospect, that name is constantly in front of those individuals. The business is then able to maintain a presence, both consciously and unconsciously, with those potential sources of ongoing revenue.

While business owners settled for printed calendars in the earliest uses of promotional products, the selections today are quite varied and sophisticated. Some may think of simple trinkets when promo products are mentioned. However, it is now possible to select products that have specific value and utility to targeted markets and customers.

The Right Products with the Right Message at the Right Time

As with any marketing tools, promotional products must be used in the right way, requiring careful thought and planning. The industry behind promotional products is now so advanced that it is possible to design programs that achieve specific objectives based on products selected and the message delivered. In fact, a professional from the promotional products industry will be the first to tell you that simply buying promotional products in bulk and handing them out is seldom an efficient use of marketing dollars.

Yet, these same professionals are able to provide numerous case studies showing the proper way to achieve lasting and cost-effective results. With years of experience in selecting the right products and marrying them with a carefully chosen message, it is possible to project solid results from the effort.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, many business owners face the issue of using this time to create awareness with their customers and to express appreciation for their business. It is important NOT to go through some pointless exercise that wastes money and has no value to those customers. The most efficient and effective step to take is to consult with a professional promotional products consultant and really make an impact this year.


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