Importance Of Timing When Looking At Buying Promotional Items

Importance Of Timing When Looking At Buying Promotional Items

SWFL Marketing Group supports our customers in achieving their marketing goals using logoed merchandise and apparel.

When promotional products are used correctly they are often perceived by the targeted audience as a thoughtful gift and consequently, the intended marketing impact lasts a long time.

The opportunity for us to be a valuable resource in recommending items is easier if our customers think of marketing campaigns that are 2-3 months in the future as opposed to 2 or 3 days
away. We can help in either case, but many more options are available if we are contacted early for our input.

Time makes it is possible for our team to present our recommendations from many product options including virtual samples with or without logos, physical samples to confirm quality, proposed graphic design and layout to adding the most effective message on the item and finally the benefit or proofing before printing on the items.

It is possible to adjust at any stage if something is not quite right and still having plenty of time to work with. During all that time, we can advise our clients and answer
questions they have.

From time to time shipping delays or incorrect imprints do happen so targeting the in hands date a week early will allow time to inspect the goods or allow for a shipping delay.

If you plan far enough ahead to plan an event it is possible to create custom items that will be unique to your campaign for your target audience.

Please reach out to our team to help with any upcoming marketing campaigns or questions you have.

We wish you all the best for a fabulous 2019.


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