Pop-Up Stores

As we begin a new week, in a new month, in this “new normal” year, we reflect on how we have contributed to our local economy’s success for the first part of 2020 and ask ourselves… how can we do more?

We are always looking for ways to better our company, our community, and ourselves. In April, Martin discovered a project that an industry partner of ours ran in their local community in New Hampshire. He was able to raise over $90,000 for local businesses impacted by Covid19. Since he was so successful, we wanted to run something similar here in Southwest Florida to benefit our community and it’s brave front line heroes! The greatest thing about this format of store, is that it is now something we can offer to all of our clients. In addition to being the perfect platform to run fundraisers, it is also great for School Spirit stores, Uniform stores, Event Tee purchases, Holiday Gift shops, Company/Group Trips with matching items and apparel, and so much more. The way the store functions allows you to get orders and item counts before placing an order, which streamlines the process for events and buying uniforms, and also allows you to gather money easily! To get an idea of all that the stores can do, take a look at the Hero Project stores we’re running now! Click here to visit the Lee County or Collier County stores!


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