Lee & Collier County Hero Project, Donations!

Our company has just launched the Lee & Collier County Hero projects which are online stores to recognize our local heroes and to raise funds for those in need.

As we enter our local slow season in SWFL, I realize that the tail end of our busy season was truly slow for many of our local hospitality and food service businesses. Also negatively impacted were many non profit organizations that benefit from fundraising events that were cancelled due to the pandemic. To alleviate some of the stresses that quarantining can cause, we’ve decided to start a virtual pop-up store to benefit the local community. An industry peer was able to generate $90,000 to support worthwhile causes in his New Hampshire community and we felt we could do something similar for Southwest Florida. SWFL Marketing Group has launched the Lee & Collier County Hero projects. Please visit the Lee County & Collier County stores and see what they’re all about! We are inviting local business and not for profit organizations to feature their brand on our branded Hero T-shirts on our stores and to invite their audience to buy the branded shirts thus generating $10 from each shirt to go to their cause. Our project shirt will raise funds for ACT (Abuse and Counseling and Treatment, Inc.)! ACT is a circle of support services for victims of domestic violence and their children and survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking. If you have a non profit or a for profit business that wants to do good in our community please join us on one of our Hero Project stores. If you do not, feel free to support by buying a shirt associated with your favorite charity or cause!

Want to join the cause? Click Here!
Have other questions and would like to speak to us? Click Here!


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