Products That Help You Stay in Touch

Our team at SWFL Marketing Group is often asked what is the best promotional item for a giveaway, as a mailer, or as a gift item. We love to get that question as we feel our role is to recommend how promotional products are used to achieve our customers objectives. Promotional products are a great marketing media to use when you want the message to last a long time. In Florida we are now in the midst of hurricane season, and we have many products that your customers will find useful and will keep around their homes, with your brand on them! Our team has many useful ideas which we recommend our customers use as a stay in touch item when their audience makes sure they are ready for a storm should it come up. In our office the top 3 items we would suggest a home services company use to stay in touch would be flashlights, power banks, and first aid kits. All these can be a great item for a hurricane preparedness kit but are also very useful throughout the entirety of the year.

Please see some of our top picks HERE or call our friendly team at 239-437-4370 and we would be happy to do a search based on your objective, budget, and audience.


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