Tools to Keep Fingers To Yourself

What we love about the promotional products as a marketing channel is that our creative suppliers offer us imprinted items that our customers can use to thank, invite, excite, recognize and reward those important to them. Recently one type of item that we can offer in many versions is a touchless tool allowing the user to use touch screens, use ATM’s,  hit elevator buttons, and even open doors without using their fingers. These can be decorated in full color or laser engraved and most can be attached to the users car keys so it would be available to them at all times. Other items like pens with a stylus can be used on ATM’s and touch screens and allow users to keep their fingers away from surfaces touched by others. Many of our pens suppliers can now offer your pens individually poly-bagged.

For ideas specific to your objectives and target audience you could go to our online catalog HERE and add a keyword like “touchless”, “antimicrobial”, or “PPE” and a price range and see what pops up that might work for you. If you see something and want more information, just email our office or call one of our team members and we can get you more information and a sample if you want to see one before customizing it with your logo and message.

We just received a comprehensive playbook to restart your business covering many different industries which we can send you as well. You can view and download it HERE!

Let us know how we can help you keep your business as strong as possible during this crazy time.


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