PPE In Schools

It goes without saying that 2020 has brought all of us new challenges to face in our personal and business lives.   Our company serves primarily a business and nonprofit organizations but this year we have included more sales than usual to individuals primarily when they needed face masks.   Our ability to pivot and supply what our audience needs comes from our industry suppliers that have done an incredible job helping us source what our customers need.

In mid-March we could source face masks for personal protection both disposable and reusable but without custom imprint available.   Some of the products that were produced overseas required high upfront payment and waits as much as 3 weeks mainly caused by lack of air cargo space or lengthy approvals to get them on a plane.   Domestic inventory was limited and expensive and some of the options were only one ply cotton or cotton blend.  As of June the non logoed items became available in the USA and at reduced prices.  As soon as they could our suppliers began to offer custom logoed masks and in the beginning the waits were around 3 weeks and for full color logos most of the minimum quantities started at 500 units or more.   Now as more suppliers pivoted to creating masks  we can provide options that work for our small business customers at pricing for reusable logoed masks with 100 piece minimums and under $3 in some cases.

Medical mask and money . High price of masks and demand during quarantine .  Pile of anti virus surgical face masks and money.

In our area school will be starting in a few weeks and we expect parents and educators to be looking for face masks for student’s safety as they return to school.  To meet the demand we can supply logoed and non logoed masks in youth and adult sizes.   Non logoed can be delivered in one week or less and logoed takes about 2 weeks.  We have different materials, thicknesses and color options.   Our website includes some of our favorite face masks and other PPE products and our staff is available at 239-437-4370 to answer questions from individuals and organizations.  Let us all do our best to enjoy a safe summer season, and keep everyone safe during the upcoming school season.


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