Promotional Products Work! Local Business Group Presentation

Last week Martin Pahnke owner and lead advisor of SWFL Marketing Group gave a presentation about how Promotional Products enhance the effectiveness of a business’s marketing campaign to a Naples Florida BNI Business Group.

The key takeaways from the video which we want our business customers to remember when planning their marketing campaigns for the next quarter or year is that proper selection of logoed marketing tools will enhance the effectiveness of your campaign.  Most audiences especially the biggest buying demographic millennials love receiving promotional items and thus your marketing message aka gift sticks around on the desk, in the car, in the home or on the body of your customers and prospects for a long time.  The team at SWFL Marketing Group supports our clients with creative marketing solutions using effective promotional products and apparel. We help small business with long lasting cost effective targeted marketing solutions so your customers will remember you when the time comes to do business.  We invite you to call on our team to get just the right idea for your organization to amaze your audience. It is never too early to plan ahead but if needed we can provide custom imprinted items quickly for our business customers.
Our office number is 239-437-4370 or 877-472-4653 and email is



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