Save money and Use Up Your 2019 Budget

Ensure you are ready to grow your business in the new decade.  Save money and use up your 2019 budget. We can help you stock up with reorders or new items for 2020 at 2019 pricing.


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Our Team Members will be here, hunting for ideas for you in the first weeks of January!

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As 2020 is approaching the last weeks of 2019 offer an opportunity for organizations to reflect on the last year and plan for the next year and beyond.

Our business will be doing the same in these final weeks of the year.   Our focus will be in the areas of communication internally and with our customers and prospective customers.   Ideally we want to ensure we communicate effectively so that we can provide truly beneficial marketing tools to our customers so they can grow their businesses and benefit the organization, employees and the community they serve.

In these last days of 2019, we are open most days except for holidays.  Our team can offer insights on what we might suggest for individual businesses that need quick input for budget and planning purposes, create orders on items needed for the coming months and lock in 2019 pricing and invoice for 2019 budget allocation or invoice after the orders are received in early 2020 as is our normal practice.   We love to help small business and if you are doing any tax planning we can help with order processing in the way that works for your individual situation.

Also, our whole team will be exposed to what works and what’s new in the Promotional Product Industry at our biggest annual Trade Shows and Expos and invite you to send us projects where new ideas around effective logoed give away items would benefit the campaign.   We can be personal shoppers for your business while meeting with our supplier partners at our big shows and send you customized reports on what we find of course at no charge to you.

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