Top Trends in our Industry

Our team attended the big industry shows in January this year and in many ways things were similar to prior years. Technology items were popular with the recipients making them a popular item for our customers to order for their marketing campaigns. While some things remained the same, the new trend we noticed that crossed over into most categories was sustainability and giving back. Promotional products that are useful and customer (and earth) friendly are kept and used long term. But there are times when buyers don’t give much thought into what they give out, and sometimes they do end up in landfills. This is definitely not a good use of raw materials and resources. We want our customers to be able to spend their money wisely and efficiently. With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day coming up on April 22, we want to make our customers aware that we can provide environmentally friendly items that they can use to send their message to their audience, that will be kept and used for a long time to come.

SWFL Marketing Group has apparel as its biggest category and our main suppliers have several options using recycled fabrics and some even give back to the planet.

Check out what they have to offer by checking out three of our favorite suppliers Vantage, SanMar, and Alpha Broder. If apparel is not what you’re looking for, several of our non-apparel suppliers were producing items from wheat straw a renewable resource that can decompose quickly when it is retired by the user, along with many other types of renewable resources from bamboo to hemp. We have access to thousands of items through hundreds of suppliers, so whatever it is you’re looking for… we can get for you!


Please call on our team for just the right items for your organization to thank, invite, excite, recognize and reward those important to you while taking care of our planet.


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