Remember Me: Products to Put Your Logo On

Any effective marketing strategy will put your brand into the hands of your customers in the most practical way possible. Keeping your company’s name and logo fresh in the minds of the people you serve is beneficial on many levels. The goal in offering your customers promotional products is to constantly remind them of the product or service you offer, and to promote brand recognition for anyone watching them use it.

While a business card is an effective way to relay your contact information, many times these cards are lost or thrown away. If your information is branded on a useful product, however, the chances of your name and number being tossed in the nearest garbage can are slim. Who throws away a useful pen or an attractive calendar? These are just two items that are a practical, value-adding promotion to consider for your business. What are several of the most practical and popular products for branding? Let’s take a look:

1. Pens

Everyone needs multiple pens at their disposal. It is almost unheard of for someone to get rid of a usable pen. Handing your customer a pen is a guarantee they’ll see your name time and time again. Give away your branded pens generously and often!

2. Calendars

This product promotion is a sure fire way to keep you on your customer’s mind throughout the entire year. Attractive branded calendars are a useful and appreciated gift, sure to hang around your customer’s living or work space for many months. This kind of repetitive exposure to your brand name is a powerful and effective marketing tool.

3. Reusable grocery bags

Going green is all the rage and customers using your grocery tote bags are a walking advertisement everywhere they go. Lightweight, portable and highly useful to your customer, this is a real winner in promotional branding.

4. Coffee mugs

The number of daily coffee drinkers in the United States is over 100 million, and each one of those people drink and average of 3.1 cups of coffee per day! Give your customer a daily reminder of your business by providing them a quality mug to hold their black, steaming brew. Each time they lift your mug to take a sip, your logo is smiling back as if to say, “Have a great day!”

5. Hi-tech and high impact

Putting your logo on an often reached for item, such as a USB drive, is sure to bring your company to mind throughout the day. An impressive promotion for your business, this is one product that will hang around your customer’s desk for a long time.

Product branding is most effective when your promotional items are practical, attractive and useful for long term applications. When you are choosing promotional products to define the quality of your business, remember that the longer an item can be used, the longer it will be used and the longer your company’s name will a part of your customer’s daily routine.


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