Save Money and Save our Planet with these Eco-friendly shirts

The status of our environment is no secret to everyone. That’s why even promotional products have gone green in order to help support the preservation of our environment. In the market, there are a variety of eco-friendly products that you can choose from to help customers not only remember your brand but also participate in saving our environment.

One eco-friendly promotional product you can give your loyal customers is apparel. The Clique Spin Tee is an ideal eco-friendly shirt, made from 100% polyester with a very competitive price of $7.98 MSRP. The fabric for this shirt was produced using the SPIN technology where the color is melted and mixed with clear polyester solution rather than the conventional way of using dye chemical and water solution. The SPIN technology results in a durable shirt with long lasting color that won’t fade. The Clique Spin Tee comes in both men and women’s versions and comes in 7 vibrant colors, they also have a polo available. When you buy these items you will be helping our environment because there will be 85% less water consumption, 70% less chemical consumption, 30% less energy consumption and 30% reduction of CO2.

SWFL Marketing Group is a promotional product focused marketing agency serving Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties. We are happy to serve our customers in choosing custom branded merchandise and apparel to use at corporate events, including grand openings and trade shows. Check our online catalog and search tool for ideas to support your company’s marketing campaign. Of course, you could call one of our team members for personal assistance or book an appointment either at your location or our office. We also encourage that samples be ordered to ensure you get the right items for your objective and to stand out in front of your audience.Call us today to Help You Thank, Invite, Excite, Recognize and Reward Those Important to You!

Call us today to Help You Thank, Invite, Excite, Recognize and Reward Those Important to You!


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