Tips for Printing on Promotional Items

Ordering promotional products is somewhat complicated. That is why Roberts Advertising does not allow purchases directly from the website. Choices can be made from hundreds of products and this can be overwhelming. Based on experience, the company’s focus is on personalized consultation. The company personally helps clients navigate through options and choose what works best for a company.

When the perfect promotional item has been chosen, it is time to decide what should be imprinted on the item. The information should be eye catching and get across a message. The sales team at Roberts Advertising can ensure that the message and the client are portrayed in the best light.


Suppose the promotional item is a pen. Even if there is much to say about a company, there is not much advertising space on a pen. A short message or simple logo can be used to get across the point. Brochures and other printed materials can be used for wordy messages.


Brightly-colored pens are a wise choice. They are easily seen in a briefcase or purse. However, the imprint needs to stand out. A light background can be used with a dark imprint color. The reverse of a light imprint on a dark background will also work. Being easy to read is the most important concern.

What Cannot Be Printed

The logos of some social media networks and sports logos require ownership rights before printing so make sure to consult a professional to make sure that you don’t have a copyright issue.

Printing Area

For seamless feel and look to a notepad imprint, an eighth inch area around the edges is required in the design. That prevents bleeding over during printing. Nothing important should be placed in the outer eighth inch area. The information will not appear on the printed item.

Notepads and pens have an area for imprint that is not able to be altered. The imprint must fit inside the area in order to be easy to read and have a clean look.


An ornate logo is attractive on business cards and billboards. A simple version should be used for smaller customized items. People will find it easier to read and remember if they do not have to squint to decipher a complicated logo.

QR Codes

QR is short for Quick Response. A cell phone can quickly read a QR. It gives details about a business. QR codes are more useful than those of standard barcodes because they can store more data. Text, geo coordinates, and url links are provided.

One can be generated next to each product on a website with all the details of the product. They can be added to business cards to provide contact details. Any print advertising such as flyers, posters, and invitations can utilize QR codes. Coupons, social media IDs, and YouTube videos are a few other things QR codes can offer.

There are limitations. They cannot be printed on everything. Ink may not be sufficiently absorbed into a notepad for scanning purposes. Generally, it is too difficult to scan pens. QR codes need to be considered carefully because, once imprinted, there is no going back.


Vectored artwork is made smooth with the use of mathematical algorithms. Vector artwork is created and manipulated with professional software. A vector file has information needed for line creation. A starting and ending point for each line is contained in the file. An equation for each coordinate is also stored. The equation indicates direction and velocity. When a curve is properly created, a computer can draw lines from any two points. That is why Roberts Advertising should be enlisted. Artwork can be rejected if it is not vectored correctly or is too large.

Brand impact can be increased with business promotional products from Roberts Advertising. Delivering quality promotional products to customers positions a brand as a leader in an industry. Research indicates clients respond favorably to corporate gifts and promotional items. A loyal customer base is created. Products currently being featured include bags, drink ware, stationery, electronics, stress items and much more. There are 36 pages of business cardholders alone. The selection is phenomenal and the service provided makes the selection easier.


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