Making Your Wedding Even More Special

Personal Branding

We live in a world of brands and brand development, where all savvy marketers continually fight to earn and maintain a constant presence in the mind of their customers. With the growth of social media, there is even constant discussion concerning personal brands and carving out your own little niche in the minds of friends and associates.

Many people and businesses find some of today’s clever promotional products are effective elements of a branding strategy. Carefully selected promotional products achieve two of the most important goals of advertising – persistency and consistency. When you select an affordable and practical product your clients can use, they are constantly reminded of your thoughtfulness and your products and services.

Making the Event more Memorable

If you have the same priorities as millions of others, your wedding is an event you anticipate for years and hope to remember fondly for decades to come. While brides and grooms have had photos to capture the special time for nearly a century, the idea of personalizing gifts and other mementos is now a popular trend.

How you choose to celebrate your wedding is a highly personal decision. However, you can add to your own concept of a personal brand and provide everyone with some nifty takeaways when you take the time to consider personalized promotional products for your guests. Bride and groom attendants have long gotten special tokens as a part of the ceremony. Now, however, you can move far beyond the simple imprinted napkins to add that special, personal touch to your big day or evening.

Tradition and Technology

The field of personalized promotional products has truly come into its own. These items have consistently proven one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods of marketing since the first printed calendars of the late 1800s. No longer limited to simple trinkets, today you can find virtually any product to add a personal touch and give promotional provide that add value.

This broad selection is a tremendous boon, but the choices can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are trained and experienced consultants, such as Roberts Advertising, who can help you zero in on exactly the right products to meet your goals and budget.

When it comes to weddings, you can both honor tradition and surprise with affordable, state-of –the art promotional products your family and guests will actually appreciate. Here are just a few of the affordable items you might consider personalizing to commemorate your wedding:

• Photo frame magnets with audio. Add an engagement picture and you’ve got something many will enjoy placing on the refrigerator with their favorite souvenirs. Push the button and they hear your message or favorite song.
Quality pens.  Give your guests a way to drop you a note and express their thanks for a great time.
• Plantable invitations and menus. Use these eco-friendly items to invite your guests and send them home with additional items. They can plant them and remember your wedding when the blooms come up.
• Cake squeezies. You can go the whimsical route with wedding-cake squeezies they can use for relaxation for years to come – guaranteed to bring out a smile.
• Electronics. Your consultant can help you set a budget for some amazing products at affordable prices. Send home an audio player with the songs from the wedding, a message from the bride and groom, or give them the ability to download pictures from the wedding when they’re posted. You can even find creative business card-sized printable cards with built-in flash drives.

Whether you’re into branding or simply want to send your guests away with a special memento to make them smile later, give us a call and we’ll show you the many possibilities for personalized personal products.

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