Autumn In Florida

SWFL Marketing Group serves primarily Southwest Florida based businesses and organizations. The cooler Autumn weather will be arriving soon and is welcome by all who live here! Our out of area visitors will soon be arriving in flocks to experience our beautiful weather. Our customers often ask us for ideas for gifts for their audience, […]

Prepare for Halloween!

Halloween is a huge industry in the United States, with spending reaching into the billions every year! The National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates that $8.8 Billion dollars was spent in 2019, with individual shoppers spending approximately $86.27 each (National Retail Federation, 2019). 68% of Americans celebrate every year, with 37% of those planning to start shopping […]

Custom Decorated Apparel

Hello! I am Martin Pahnke, SWFL Marketing Group! Thank you for checking out our video. Today I’m going to talk about custom decorated apparel and we’re fortunate to have tons of suppliers to offer us hundreds of options on apparel that can be used for events, or for corporate use. So here’s an example of […]

The Importance of Apparel

This week’s blog is about the importance of creating a brand using the clothing and presentation of your employees! Our role is to support our customers and a key area of that is branding! Apparel, uniforms, and accessories are a huge part of the promotional products industry, and a huge part of building a professional […]

Introducing the AIRPOP!

Airpop is the leading breathing protection with Professional grade material & Consumer level comfort, Exceeding Industry Standards! Airpop Key Features: Superior Filtration >99% Filter efficacy (Light SE & Pocket) Superior Fit – Ergonomic Designs and materials Superior Breathability – <1/3 Resistance of N95

All About Tech!

With so many people working from home, everyone is using personal laptops and personal technology. Why not give those personal items your brand? Give branded laptop camera covers, Tech Tattoos, Pop Sockets, or one of many of the Tech Accessories available! Whether your company has employees that are now working remotely, or if you have […]

Increase Productivity with New Promotional Item

Increase Workplace Productivity Hi, Good Morning! I’m Martin Pahnke- Welcome to my office. These are the offices of SWFL Marketing Group, and a lot of things get done here! What I’m talking about today is an organizational tool and productivity tool. Here’s an example of some notes I’ve taken in the last few days, and […]

Working from home- It doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

Remote working can be difficult, especially due to the Corona Virus pandemic. The amount of employees working from home has risen drastically since March and it is estimated that 56% of the U.S. workforce holds a job that is compatible (at least partially) with remote work. Currently, only 3.6% of the employee workforce works at […]

Reinforce Your Digital Marketing with Signs

Reinforce Your Digital Marketing With Signs Hi there! I’m Martin Pahnke partner of SWFL Marketing Group, and we help our clients in a tangible marketing space. What that means… Our Trade Association calls it “Advertising You Can Feel”, and it really appeals to the six senses.  In these rough times that we’re in right now, […]

Promotion From Afar

As your advisor in custom logoed merchandise, apparel, and promotional products we want to make sure we help our businesses stay in front of their audience. This year has been challenging for us and many of our customers. As professionals, we need to keep our customers busy by having them use the most effective marketing […]