Promotional Items In A Digital Age

After more than a century of increasing importance to corporate marketing plans, promotional items have proven to be equally effective in the digital age. While many of the long-term standards, such as calendars and cups, continue to be popular, flash drives and other electronic items have gained popularity among many users. These devices are especially appropriate for keeping top-of-mind presence with customers who are involved with digital markets

Keeping it Rich

One example of how the new digital promotional items are used is for the many press and blogger events that are held today. Instead of simply loading down attendees with printed materials and brochures, using imprinted flash drive giveaways sends those members of the press home with readily usable rich media content. Those who receive the drives can quickly access a brand’s rich media promotional items, and easily include video clips, photos, and other material in their own posts and blogs about the event.

Of course, any company that regularly publishes a catalog, produces large user guides, or any amount of information for their customers to access find these devices very effective and appreciated. There are many ways to configure these items, including having them directly access the brand’s website when they are plugged in. Some of these items are actually designed as business cards, and they are both durable and reusable. This ensures the probability they will be used for long periods after their original purpose is fulfilled.

Maximizing Creative Approaches

One of the great things about these digital-oriented items is the way they allow for so much creativity. While imprinted golf balls are often a great premium, they have a fairly narrow application. However, an imprinted photo key ring allows a customer to add a few favorite pictures, while the item retains its long-term promotional value.

Likewise, you can provide MP3 players with a promotional message that also provide the ability to add a custom playlist, speakers that will get premium visibility with your brand logo, and cell phone covers and wallets that are always on display.

In fact, the mobile device market is, by definition, a great target for many promotional campaigns. Instead of sitting in a drawer or on a desktop, a mobile charger, ear buds and tablet cases travel with your customer, and get a lot of visibility in other venues, such as airplanes, coffee and business meetings.

Instead of passing the promotional market by, the digital age presents many new opportunities to present your brand to your prospects and clients in new and extremely effective ways. Today’s promotional products advisers have lots of ideas and new products to use in a brainstorming session to choose just the right approach to your market and customers.

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