Using Promotional Items to Your Advantage

Using Promotional Items to Your Advantage

As a business, you already know the importance of using promotional items to advertise your business. Equally as important though is working with a marketing company who provides you with high-quality items that fall within your budget, no matter how limited it is. We at SWFL Marketing Group understand this and want to tell you a bit more about the various things you want these items to do for you.

Give Your Customers Advanced Warning

Are you gearing up for a major event? Would you like to send out some pre-event marketing items? There are some items available that have “save the date” printed on them. These products include things like magnets, cork or paper board coasters and calendars. They are lightweight enough that you can mail to your clients anywhere from six weeks to eight months before the event is scheduled to occur, depending upon your guest list and how far folks will need to travel.

Reinforce Brand Awareness

Did you know that some hotels are willing to work with you to create key cards customized with your event logo on them? We can help you work this out, then custom imprint the Magstripe cards so that they add more value to your business’ event. Of course, we can also create personalized event passes or name badges for your event as well. It’s simply a matter of choosing what will work best for your business.

Provide Direction

Once attendees arrive at your event’s lobby and meeting areas you’ll want to have banners and floor decals in place to lead them to the proper locations throughout the event. Since it’s more than likely that you won’t know what type of floor will be at the event until you arrive there, you’ll want to choose a product that is usable on tile, linoleum and concrete floors too. It’s also important for these decals to be easy to remove, and yet you don’t want them slipping and sliding everywhere as people walk on them. This is where pressure-sensitive adhesive and over-lamination are necessary.

Make Some Memories

At the end of your event, you’ll want those who were in attendance to remember it clearly and vividly. This is where you’ll need yet another product that leaves a lasting impression upon them. For instance, you could choose to hand out commemorative, debossed coasters are made of natural, full-grain leather. You can have your event’s logo, slogan, theme, and date printed on them.

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