A Better Fridge Magnet


One of the best things about using promotional products to promote your business at trade shows or when calling on customers and prospective customers is that the right items will last a long time in the hands of recipients. What makes the item last long is the usefulness of the item. Recently at our big industry shows I came across an idea that can work well for both B to C and B to B businesses.

We can get a re-position-able label that sticks to almost any clean surface and can hold notes, cards, reminders like a bulletin board and display a message to your audience. The item is sticky on both sides. A stainless steel fridge can display emergency numbers or useful tips to homeowners along with your company’s contact.  Alternatively  on an office or cubicle wall this item can provide your new product details and contact info to the purchasing department at your customer’s business.

This item is a low cost, easy to store and easy to mail and allows full color full bleed custom artwork.

What makes this item work in delivering your message is it will attach to any refrigerator and the end users could be parents of pre school or elementary school children that want to hang up pictures of their activities or drawings in a convenient place.    College students that want to have a bulletin board and won’t have to spend money for wall damage when moving out.     Any one at home or the office can have a place to post reminders.   Or as a to do list. Everything that still needs to be done hangs on the strip in a convenient location.

The marketer that feels that their target audience may use this item only needs to add the message to this piece and it will be displayed in front of their appreciative audience.

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