How many t-shirts, water bottles, coolers should I buy for our event?


So you are the event organizer for a fundraiser or a customer appreciation event and the committee has given you a budget and now you need to place orders…

Logoed merchandise like the items in the heading are great ways to help make an event memorable and to say thank you to customers, employees or volunteers. Attendance at an event can be estimated based on facility capacity, registration sign up or previous years events and will be an important number when determining how many items to order. Your promotional products consultant can make recommendations of what to buy based on your objectives, your audience, and your budget and will be aware of the time frames you are dealing with.

How much to buy is a different consideration

For example – When you place an order for 100 pieces of an item from time to time you will receive slightly over or slightly under due most often to quality control measures at the factory. When in the planning stages if you consider buying items that can be used after the event for those of your audience that did not attend or a future use you can order a certain percentage over to accommodate short shipping and surprise attendees. Also allowing time in the planning of the event to inspect samples for quality and suitability and to create the best design for imprinting is always a good idea to end up with the best possible impression.

When the items arrive someone should inspect them and count them in advance of the event and of course damaged items can be replaced if noticed early enough. Items damaged in the printing process and shipping process can be replaced if time allows and will not cost the organizer additional funds. If the shipment is shorted due to quality control or a miscalculation by the organizer of course additional items can be ordered if time allows but then it will be at the organizers expense. Sometimes a small order of t-shirts that originally cost $5 per piece could end up being $15 per piece when ordering just a few more in the last minute due to set up charges and shipping charges.
So the advice is call on a professional promotional products consultant early in the planning process and consider ordering extra pieces to have on hand for emergencies. This could include damage and surprise attendees or another surprise. If not needed for the event use them in post event promotions to generate more buzz.
Here is some good news. Generally a promotional products consultant will be paid from items ordered as opposed to a consulting fee and consequently years of experience can be accessed at no additional cost to the buyer.

Our Team is dedicated to find the best promotional items and cost effective marketing solutions for your next event. Give us a call at 239-437-4370!

Martin Pahnke, MAS
Branding Specialist


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