“Best Of” the 2024 ASI Tradeshow!

2024 ASI Show in Orlando, Florida It is 2024 and we want to share our favorite items from the industry’s first trade show.   If you see something that might just work for your next campaign reach out to our team and we would be happy to get you more information on the item and if […]

25 Days of Christmas

25 Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Organization Shine! Our family-owned business SWFL Marketing Group specializes in one medium in the marketing industry which is custom branded merchandise. Also known as promotional products, this medium is different from all other marketing options in a major way in that often recipients love getting them. In the […]

Corporate Recognition Insights

Appreciate Those That Make Your Organization Great. This heading should be true all year round for organizational leaders but in the real-world appreciation is not a regular practice. This blog is being written with the fourth quarter of 2023 looming on the horizon. Our most proactive customers are now looking for ideas to recognize those […]

BNI Presentation – September 7, 2023

Please check out Martin’s BNI Presentation! Our team looks forward to helping you on your next campaign or event.Please never hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or assistance on research! Contact Us

5 Rules For Being Pleasantly Persistent


We wanted to share this great blog from PPAI Media! Following up is an essential part of making a sale. Doing so without being annoying can be tricky, though. You don’t want to barrage a prospect with calls and emails, but you also don’t want to disappear completely. The key is finding a balance between […]

6 Steps To Reduce Customer Churn And Boost Retention

It pays to keep your existing clients happy. On average, 65% of a company’s revenue comes from current customers. They already know your promo business and enjoy working with you. Your existing clients are also more likely to spend more than new customers when they buy. Unfortunately, though, sometimes clients walk away. This customer churn […]


Leverage: how it helps us help our clients A successful real estate broker recently reminded me that in our business and any business for that matter we need to utilize the benefits of leverage whenever possible.    With technology and the internet we experience the benefits of leverage by typing a few words on our cell […]

Golf – A great way to support the community and build relationships.

Beyond being a sport enjoyed by many, golf can generate substantial contributions to nonprofit causes.  Where SWFL Marketing Group is located golf can be played pretty much all year round and in the rest of the country now as we publish this it is the best time to enjoy the game. On to why we […]

Celebrate Summer 2023!

Summer officially begins on June 21st, which is fast approaching! Summer is a big season for those in SWFL, as we are minutes away from some of the most beautiful stretches of the 825 miles of beaches that Florida boasts. Cleanup from the devastation of Hurricane Ian is well underway, and most of our beaches […]

Great Promotional Products – RFID Blocker

What Makes a Great Promotional Item for your Organization’s Next Campaign? Our company serves both for profit and non-profit organizations with expert advice on what items to consider for corporate gifting and recognition programs. We feel that the most suitable items to use depend on the audience that is receiving the item and the response […]



Office Security

Morale Booster

Official Paper Shredder

Barks at leaves and parking lot denizens to protect the office.

Loves getting pets and scratches to bring joy and happiness to the office! Loves to bark at visitors to “say hello”!

Will rip any paper to shreds for maximum security (and tasty) purposes.