Promotional Products Work! Local Business Group Presentation

Last week Martin Pahnke owner and lead advisor of SWFL Marketing Group gave a presentation about how Promotional Products enhance the effectiveness of a business’s marketing campaign to a Naples Florida BNI Business Group. The key takeaways from the video which we want our business customers to remember when planning their marketing campaigns for the [...]

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Check Out Great Gourmet Gift Ideas at the link below

Our custom logoed products can be used internally to thank employees, the board of directors, volunteers and externally to thank customers and business associates. Food gifts are often a great fit for yearend gifts as they appeal to the senses of taste and smell making them more memorable than most. Our favorite source for food [...]

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The Five Best Ways to Make Business Connections

Our team is always on the lookout for ideas to help our clients grow their business and here are some tips for you to maximize your effectiveness when networking. Also, the video from our trade association provides insight into how promotional products are received by your customers and prospects. Throughout your career, it's important to [...]

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Trends From Our Big Trades Shows

In January, two of our industry trade associations ASI and PPAI put on their biggest shows where our suppliers show off their new and most popular products for us to recommend to our customers. This year there are more and more suppliers that are getting away from printed catalogs due to the need to add [...]

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Importance Of Timing When Looking At Buying Promotional Items

SWFL Marketing Group supports our customers in achieving their marketing goals using logoed merchandise and apparel. When promotional products are used correctly they are often perceived by the targeted audience as a thoughtful gift and consequently, the intended marketing impact lasts a long time. The opportunity for us to be a valuable resource in recommending items is [...]

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Impressions From Our Big Industry Trade Shows

Most of our industry suppliers present new products and hot sellers at our big industry shows in Orlando and Las Vegas in January. I make it a practice to attend both annually. Overall my impression is that our industry’s capabilities are getting better and better. We are offering businesses of all sizes the ability to [...]

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2017 Year End Tax Planning for Your Business

Happy Holidays! As we wind down towards December 31st, this is a reminder of some things that must be done before the end of the year in order to potentially save on your 2017 taxes: Spend down as much cash as you can on business expenses. Pay all outstanding vendor invoices and accelerate payment of [...]

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Consumers Love Promotional Products

This means your customers and prospective customers love them as well. Besides being a great vehicle to create awareness at trade shows, grand openings, annual meetings this media is a great way to thank those important to your business or organization with a custom year end gift. What is important when deciding on what to [...]

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Holiday Items

We are now in the fourth quarter of the year and approaching the holidays. For many, this represents the busiest time of year and don’t forget to thank those who support your business all year. With that in mind let our team help with selecting suitable gifts and save you time and money. Many of [...]

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