Why Promotional Products Pack a Powerful Punch!

Why Promotional Products Pack a Powerful Punch

According to the New York Times, over $20 billion is spent each year on promotional products. American businesses don’t throw this money away, they spend it because it works. Here are some of the biggest reasons that promotional marketing is so effective:

Act as Daily Reminders

Items like mouse pads, stationary, or pens will sit on a person’s desk every single day. They won’t be constantly focusing on your brand, but you’ll always be in the background, being seen everyday. This is a powerful way to subtlety advertise many times a day, and will ingrain your brand into your customer’s mind.

Products like desktop calendars and coffee mugs will be even closer in front of them every single day. This could give your brand even more face time with your potential customers.

They’re An Easy Way In

One of the hardest parts of the sales process is getting that initial touch with your customer. Handing them something free, however, makes it much easier. Instead of asking for their time or business, you’re simply giving them something free! It’s no wonder that studies found 52% of people given a promotional item end up doing business with that company.

They Help Spread Word of Mouth

Promotional products can spread word of mouth in two simple ways. The first way is when you’re physically at a trade show, handing your promotional items out. Nothing spreads faster at a trade show than the news of a cool handout. People might see another attendee wearing your t-shirt or using the cool widget you’re handing out, and scurry over to your both to grab their own.

The second type of word of mouth will occur when your potential customers are at their office, using their items. If someone needs to borrow a pen, or grab a Post-it note, they’ll hand it off to their colleague. This opens your brand up to another potential customer who you never even spoke to!

They Have Staying Power

One last benefit is that promotional products will last longer than other forms of advertisements. Most commercials, radio ads, and billboards will have a set length of time to run. An extended run will cost more time, and the message may become diluted.

Promotional products, however, can have an incredibly long shelf-life. Desk calendars will last for a year, and things like pens, shirts, and keychains can last much longer than that. This gets your brand in front of people much longer than a more traditional form of advertising might.

It’s clear that promotional products are a valuable tool that should be included in every company’s marketing arsenal. If you don’t have much experience with promotional products, you don’t need to worry! Robert’s Advertising will be happy to assist you in picking the perfect promotional products for your company.

Each product can send a different message to a different target market, and Robert’s Advertising will help you figure out which products are the best fit for your brand. With their help, your promotional products will be the talk of the town, and you’ll see your sales skyrocket!

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