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100+ Ways to Use a Mug

It’s reusable packaging for any product that will fit inside (reuse as a coffee mug or desk caddy).  It’s a memo (imprint with important company dates, announcements, etc.) It’s a shirt box (stuff with an imprinted T-shirt). It’s a computer disk case (insert a mini-CD or DVD, or shrink-wrap to the bottom). It’s a planter […]

Shop for Me!

Yes, Please! I want to get your best ideas for My Organization’s next campaign(s) You WILL receive fresh ideas from our shows that will “Thank, Invite, Excite, Recognize, and Reward those important to your organization”!

Cooling Towels

While many people enjoy outdoor activities during summer, we can’t deny the fact how excruciating heat stops us from being active. Should we miss the FUN this Summer Season? Of course not! Thanks to ‘cooling towels’ we can now protect ourselves from overheating from the sun. You can surely beat the heat with our ‘cooling […]

Promotional Calendars

It’s odd that many small businesses looking for the greatest new ideas around promotional products to keep their audience engaged overlook a favorite among many which is a promotional calendar. What can a well-prepared and executed promotional calendar do to your business? Basically, a promotional calendar is often on your customer’s wall or desk and […]


Imprinted Promo Bags are an easy way to advertise your brand at trade shows or other events and you can rest assured that your customers will keep using the custom bags time and again. We have Promo Bags for your every need. Imprinted duffel bags and backpacks make good corporate gifts for an outdoor enthusiast, […]


When you choose to give away promotional mugs or a Imprinted promo sports bottle , a cup or other such type of promotional drinkware products to your prospective customer, they advertise your brand every time they need a drink or refill. Our classically styled Drinkware and promo cups, available in an assortment of colors and […]


These products are very popular for their good quality and easy affordability. We bring you an extensive range of promotional stationery ranging from adhesive and non-adhesive cubes and pads, promotional padfolios, jotters, notebooks and sticky notes to many other such products. We use excellent quality paper in our promotional stationery items to ensure that you […]


Available in full color or with one color imprint, Roberts Advertising offers you various imprinted Promo Mouse Pads to choose from. You can also choose our imprinted screen sweeps or imprinted computer brushes that keep the computer monitor and keyboard dust-free while advertising your message. Our imprinted USB Flash Drives that contain several memory options, […]

Stress Items

Promotional stress balls imprinted with your company Logo have become an increasingly popular choice for modern executive gifts. A little smaller than a tennis ball, and fitting snugly in your hand, promotional stress balls are an effective way to lower stress and tension levels by reducing muscular tension through the action of squeezing. A valuable […]



Office Security

Morale Booster

Official Paper Shredder

Barks at leaves and parking lot denizens to protect the office.

Loves getting pets and scratches to bring joy and happiness to the office! Loves to bark at visitors to “say hello”!

Will rip any paper to shreds for maximum security (and tasty) purposes.