Custom Decorated Apparel

Hello! I am Martin Pahnke, SWFL Marketing Group! Thank you for checking out our video. Today I’m going to talk about custom decorated apparel and we’re fortunate to have tons of suppliers to offer us hundreds of options on apparel that can be used for events, or for corporate use. So here’s an example of an Under Armour shirt that we can apply your logo in a traditional location because the Under Armour logo is not in the way! So that’s the type of articles we can get, name brand, and put your logo beside it. We can also have your logo in multiple locations when we decorate it. It can go on the front left chest, it can go on the back, or it can go on a sleeve. So multiple locations are an option. Sometimes, you might want to choose other decoration methods, so you have a polo with a larger imprint area, like screenprint, a really special high definition logo on the sleeve, we can do logos on the back, again another location, and we can do laser debossed. So tons of options are available on corporate apparel. We have supplier partners that do the decoration so we don’t have to worry about quality. If there’s a problem, it gets replaced, you don’t get charged. Something that we can also do is, if we have a full color logo that needs to be big, we can do sublimation. This means you can have a large logo, the price is the same as a small logo, for the most part, and it can go on t-shirts and we can also do it on polos. So if the corporate apparel wants all over custom print, we can do sublimation. The time can be as fast as four weeks, to get 100% custom polo, decorated all over, to your door. 

Besides polos and t-shirts, we can also decorate on hats! Again, we can do typical embroidery, we can do patches, we can do high definition logos, we can do all over, there are tons of options available! 

Also, now in 2020, we’re called on to do custom face masks. Here’s one we did for a customer that has a filter pocket, full color sublimation, adjustable ear loops. We can decorate on knit, woven cotton masks with a filter pocket, or we can do a sublimation, again, full color, just a little bit different style, that we’ve done locally. So please give us a call (239-437-4370) if you have a question about custom or event apparel. Thank you very much!


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