The Importance of Recognition!

What do almost all organizations have in common?

In my years of working with organizations in many industries I find that both non profit and for profit organizations share this challenge. Attracting and retaining employees. Of course we could swap the term employee with a position such as managers, sales professionals, or board members or volunteers for nonprofits but the future of any organization does rely on the quality of its team. 

Our company serves our organizational clients in recommending and sourcing the best solutions to support their business objectives which most often in the business development area. In this my focus will be on the area of awards and recognition where we may be able to enhance what some of our current and future customers are practicing now. 

One of our favorite supplier partners shared these statistics on the benefits of having recognition programs in place. Please read these carefully and consider if your recognition program could use a boost. 

  1. Companies with employee recognition programs have 31% lower voluntary turnover than those that don’t (Anderson, 2018). This has encouraged more and more managers to invest in corporate recognition programs.
  2. Companies that fail to recognize their workers through some type of acknowledgement and/or reward end-up damaging employee morale, productivity, and retention (Heller, 2017).

  3. If employees are not recognized by their first-year anniversary, 65% of them are looking for a new job. An employee’s service anniversary is a crucial opportunity to express appreciation, recognize contributions, and engage employees with the mission, vision and values that drive a company’s business.

  4. Lack of recognition is the #1 reason employees quit. 72% of employees are either actively or passively job searching.

  5. The average number of years a person stays willfully employed at a company is 4.2 years. Awards/Recognition creates an environment to extend that employee time frame.

  6. Recognition and Award Programs Can:
    1. Reinforce company goals
    2. Strengthen an employee’s image of a company
    3. Foster employee loyalty and instill a climate of trust
    4. Create a friendly and competitive environment
    5. Encourage personal achievement and reward performance 
    6. Increase teamwork

  7. Recognition and Award Programs Can Affect a Company’s Bottom Line:
    1. Reduce turnover by up to 50% 
    2. Generate 56% higher customer loyalty
    3. Create a 38% increase in productivity
    4. Cause a 27% increase in profitability
    5. Increase productivity by 38%
    6. Reduce absenteeism by 37%
    7. Improve quality of work by 78%
    8. Boost morale by 90%
    9. Customer service is 93% better at supporting a company’s brand awareness
    10. 47% increase in earnings with a proper employee engagement program
As a summary consider this…

An organization that wants to be competitive absolutely needs to make employees feel valued so they perform their best work on a daily basis — and stick around to make a continuous contribution

Recognition isn’t just for the person who performed well. It’s also a message to other employees about the type of performance that gets noticed in an organization. Management consultant Rosebeth Moss Kanter says, “To the rest of the organization, recognition creates role models and heroes— and communicates the standards of the kinds of things that constitute great performances around here.”

Not every productive employee is appreciated. But every appreciated employee is productive.

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