Unique Award Option!

How Does it Work?

Pick your choice of QR or NFC and add Lynk to any award.

  • Project Lynk uses a combination of QR codes and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.
  • QR codes use a picture (barcode) that most phones can read with their camera. It is widely used in many applications (i.e. restaurant menus advertisements). When the award recipient uses the phone to read the QR code, a message will pop up on the screen to open the content (oftentimes video).
  • NFC is a short-range technology to communicate over very short distances. Visions uses a small NFC Tag on the award. When the user moves the phone close to the Tag, a pop-up message appears asking if the recipient wants to open the content. NFC technology is used in many day-to-day instances such as credit card systems.

We are available to our customers by phone, at 239-437-4370, by email, or at our physical location! We look forward to hearing from you!


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