Thank Front Line Workers and Support Worthwhile Causes

As we are almost into the fourth week of the stay at home order in our area, I am seeing a significant amount of offers from local businesses and from our vendors offering substantial savings, free trial periods and many supporting front-line support personnel and worthwhile organizations. Our small business is open and we would love to help our local businesses research what is out there to help them stay in touch and come back in good shape when our crisis subsides. We are happy to take your calls, answer your emails, connect you, and help you with no charge or obligation.

Here is a sampling of what I found appealing during the last few days.

Stickboy, a local Technology company, is offering free remote workspace set up and a support offer! Learn more about it HERE!

Recognition pins for 70 cents each to recognize front line support folks with 20% of the proceeds to our manufacturer going to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help find a cure for Covid-19.

Drinkware on special, no set up fees and 30% off regular pricing for Hospitals, Healthcare Workers, and COVID-19 support organizations. Hundreds of styles are available, all at special pricing until June 30, if going to the recipients mentioned!

American and Candian flag hats that a percentage of the profits go to the American and Canadian Red Cross to help with Covid19 relief. Minimum order is 36, give us a call for more information!


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