Apparel & Our Innovative Suppliers

Our company is a marketing consulting firm specializing in the promotional products arena where domestic sales are over 20 billion dollars annually. The way we view our role is to stay on top of what is new and trending and be a resource for our customers when they are planning a marketing campaign, a recognition program, or any kind of event with effective customized product solutions to support those initiatives.

Our team gets the ideas from our supplier partners by way of in person meetings at our office or industry group meetings, industry trade shows, online presentations, incoming emails, and industry peer groups that share with each other what works and what might not work or problems to avoid. In a typical day we get dozens of useful ideas in our inbox alone and we select the ones to share with our audience in general and store for future retrieval useful item information to offer solutions to an upcoming campaign for one of our customers.

I want to mention one of these emails as an example. A new apparel manufacturer that uses exclusively 100% recycled cotton in their manufacturing invited me to book a meeting at one of our big industry tradeshows next month. I did book the meeting as environmentally friendly processes are of interest to many of our customers and I want to be able to share the story and where appropriate include this type of product in our branded apparel programs. This will be one of many meetings I and my office manager will set up and attend to help our customers in the coming months.

I invite readers that want to improve their results or change up logoed merchandise they order to reach out to our company or their preferred marketing professional for ideas to consider. Of course, spending some time online to research is a good place to start we do not recommend buying customized merchandise and apparel from a search on Google for an item you think might work. From a simple search it is difficult for a buyer to confirm the quality of the item, turn around times including current inventory levels as well as other options other than the ones you landed on. Calls to us are answered personally by a business owner or full-time industry professional during business hours and emails are responded to within one hour at our firm. Our objective is to educate our current and future customers on what is out there and recommend items that are best able to thank, invite, excite, recognize, and reward those important to them. Our recommendations are guaranteed to fit the budget and arrive on time. We do expect them to be appreciated by those that receive them and thus support your business objectives.

Our phone, virtual, or in person exploratory meetings are at no cost or obligation and are often accompanied by free samples. Let us show you how we can take your projects from start to finish! We are available to our customers by phone, email, or at our physical location! You can reach Martin directly at 239-316-9367, or you can reach out office at 239-437-4370! We look forward to hearing from you!


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