Promotional Products for your Southwest Florida Business

Promotional products are extremely important in growing a business. Usually, when these items are dispersed, businesses become more active by drawing in larger numbers of potential customers. At times, these products wind up in unusual places, resulting in additional unexpected business.

Right now businesses need to start preparing for the busy winter season. Florida in the wintertime is much like springtime, or even summer, in other areas of the country. Therefore, Florida businesses are missing the mark when using “winter time” oriented promotional products to advertise their business locally. Florida businesses need to focus more on products that can be used in sunny warm Florida weather any time of the year.

Golf is a sport played outdoors anytime of the year, as long as there are comfortable temperatures. Florida has some of the most beautiful golf courses. If your customers are potential golfers, you can center your promotional products around the sport. You can choose from many golf accessories, such as tee pouches, golf ball holders, golfer accessories bags, shirts, sunglasses and cases, and hats.

In Florida, you can go down to the beach at any time of year. What better way to advertise, than to have your potential customers see your logo on the beach while they’re relaxing? You can put your name on beach towels, totes, drink cozies, beach umbrellas, beach balls, visors, sunglasses and mini coolers.

Potential customers are always in their cars. You can advertise your business inside or outside your car. There’s the obvious car magnet and license plate cover, but inside you can have personalized travel mugs, a sun shade, car fresheners, visor clips, travel pouch, dash mat, key lights, car charger, or key chains. Everyone has keys that they use almost every day.

If your potential clients’ lives revolve around fitness, or if they just like being active, you can promote your business through exercise and fitness gear. Your logo can be put on pedometers, water bottles, duffel bags, towels, exercise balls, yoga mats, or even clothing worn to the gym, such as shirts, tees, and jackets.

At home, you can provide many products that customers will use every day. Grill sets, aprons, memo pads, blankets, chip clips, magnets, wall calendars, micro fiber cloths, and lunch bags are just a few. People will see these products with your business’s name on them every single day. And these products will most likely be used daily.

Personal care products are something that we use daily, also. Your logo could be seen often on nail files, compact brushes, sewing kits, first aid kits, mirrors, and smart phone sleeves. Some of these are things that most people keep on them at all times.

One way to advertise your business to other businesses that could be potential clients is to offer office products with your business name on them. Badges, lanyards, stress relievers, pens, desk calendars, memo cubes, stationary, planners, calculators, and jump drives can all have your logo adorned on them. This is a kind of networking that you can do, too, among other businesses. Many of these products can be used at home, too.

Toys are always fun, and who doesn’t like to mess around with a yo-yo? Put your logo on cow bells, rulers, Rubik’s cubes, disk flyers, balls and hacky sacks. Your business name will be seen by people of all ages.

Everyone is looking for freebies, and at the same time, it’s great advertising for your business. In Florida, where the weather is mild all year long, businesses can take advantage of year round products used to promote their business. This is more economical for businesses looking to constantly use promotional products throughout the year. Imagine your potential customer picking up your promotional product and using it every day, and possibly even telling others about your business. What a great way to speak volumes without saying a word.


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